June 10, 2023
Mystic Monk Coffee Scandal

You may have heard of the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal that broke out in 2018. It was a shocking story that made headlines around the world and left many wondering what was going on. To make matters worse, the scandal wasn’t even about coffee!

So, what is the truth behind the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal? In this article, I will take you through the events that led up to this shocking news story and explain what really happened. I will also provide insight into how this scandal ultimately affected one of America’s most beloved coffee brands.

Let’s start at the beginning and take a look at why this story had become so big.

The Origins of Mystic Monk Coffee

If you love coffee, you’ve probably heard of Mystic Monk Coffee—the famous coffee brand associated with a Carmelite monastery located in the Rocky Mountains of northern Wyoming. It offers 21 different kinds of coffee, and has gained attention for the unique story behind the coffee’s origin.

So why is Mystic Monk Coffee such a big deal? Well, it was first roasted on a cast-iron skillet in the monastery kitchen and was originally created to help support the cloistered monastery of Carmelite monks. The roasts are also quite unique, ranging from full-bodied dark blends to light and sweet flavored coffees like Amaretto Kisses and Lemon Bliss.

The monks are known for their careful attention to detail when it comes to sourcing their beans. They use only the highest-grade beans from Columbia, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Guatemala ensuring. That every cup of Mystic Monk Coffee delivers an unforgettable experience each time.

How Mystic Monk Coffee Grew Into a Multi-Million Dollar Company

It’s impossible to deny the incredible success story of Mystic Monk Coffee. Founded by Father Daniel Mary in 2009, the company went from selling. It’s coffee online to becoming a multi-million dollar business in just six short years. But behind its rise to success lies a scandalous story involving a monk, money and influence.

When Father Daniel Mary founded Mystic Monk Coffee, he was granted permission. By the cloister to raise money to rebuild a dilapidated monastery building. To do this, he created and sold custom coffee blends with all profits going directly to the rebuilding project. Father Daniel Mary’s ambitious plan worked—in just six years, Mystic Monk Coffee had grown into a multi-million dollar business that allowed the monastery to expand their monastery grounds.

Despite its financial success, there were serious allegations. That, Father Daniel Mary, used his influence over his fellow monks for financial gain. Specifically, he was accused of convincing members of his monastic order to invest thousands of dollars in Mystic Monk Coffee without disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. As a result, he was removed from his position as Prior and the investigation into these allegations is still ongoing.

Accusations of Fraud and Scandal Emerge

What started out as a simple quest to support a small monastery of Carmelite monks. In Wyoming quickly became the topic of a heated controversy, when accusations of fraud and scandal began to surface.

It all began when Father Stanislaus, the leader of the monastery, tapped into donations from his own order and the general public for investments in what he claimed was a legitimate business venture. He set up Mystic Monk Coffee as a way to generate money for his monastery; however, it soon became apparent that Father Stanislaus was using questionable tactics to solicit funds from unsuspecting donors.

Ultimately, three mysterious entities came into play with Father Stanislaus. At their helm: Rednose LLC, The Monks’ Coffee Club LLC, and Maximus Ventures LLC. All three were owned and operated by him, with no oversight or guidance from outside parties. Did they do something illegal? That’s still unclear. What is known is that they are threatening legal action if any further investigation takes place.

Did Father Stanislaus act inappropriately? Was Mystic Monk Coffee an honest endeavor or an elaborate scheme? These questions remain unanswered for now — but one thing is certain: This story has gone far beyond what anyone expected when it first began.

Investigations Reveal Questionable Business Practices

What really happened with the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal? Investigations revealed some pretty questionable business practices.

Lack of Financial Transparency

The first red flag came when the financial records of the Carmelite Monks. Of Wyoming, which had been released to the public after a court order, showed a discrepancy. It turned out that up to $50,000 in donations had not been properly accounted for. This lack of financial transparency raised eyebrows and caused many people to question how donations were being used and whether they were actually going towards the construction of a new monastery.

Potential Mismanagement of Funds

The second red flag was even more damning. An independent investigation conducted by an auditing firm revealed that up to $2 million in donations. May have been mismanaged or not used for their intended purpose. This news sent shockwaves through the Christian community as it raised further questions about how donations were being handled and whether they were being put to proper use.

The Mystic Monk Coffee scandal showed that there can be serious consequences for not exercising proper oversight and accountability when it comes to managing funds Donors need to make sure that their money is going towards its intended purpose and that there is transparency in the financial records of any organization they donate to.

Lawsuits and Legal Battles Ensue

The Mystic Monk Coffee scandal also implies a boatload of legal issues and lawsuits. The reasons for these come down to the fact that the coffee company. Was in breach of regulations set by both Wyoming state law and the Carmelite Order.

Wyoming State Law

Applying for a 501(c)(3) non-profit status in Wyoming requires an organization “to devote its entire net earned income to the furtherance of its exempt purpose” and that “the term ‘net earned income’ shall not be so construed as to permit any excess. Of such earnings over expenditures for legitimate corporate purposes” However, it came to light that Mystic Monk Coffee was allocating portions of their profits towards the building of a monastery, which not only violated Wyoming state law but also went against their vows as Carmelites.

The Carmelite Order

The Carmelite Order requires its members to forgo any personal wealth or benefit from their work with Mystic Monk Coffee, which they had obviously disregarded with regard to their decision to divert profits back into the building of a monastery. This decision fueled an intense debate between members of the Carmelite Order who thought this was morally correct, and those who argued it was wrong on many levels—both morally and legally.

The result? Numerous lawsuits between members, ultimately leading to financial ruin within the organization and forcing them out of business in 2013.

The Future of Mystic Monk Coffee: Can They Rebuild Trust?

The Mystic Monk Coffee scandal was a huge blow to the reputation and trust of Mystic Monk Coffee. But, is it possible for them to rebuild trust?

Apologizing for Mistakes

The first step in rebuilding trust is acknowledging mistakes publicly. Mystic Monk Coffee has done just that—they issued a public apology, taking responsibility. For their actions and allowing customers to know that they are working toward better standards of transparency and reliability.

Revamping the System

In addition to apologizing, Mystic Monk Coffee has also worked hard to revamp the way they do business. They have overhauled their system from top to bottom, bringing in new processes and technology designed to ensure their products meet high quality standards They have also invested in training for staff and created more stringent policies and procedures that must be followed by everyone involved with production. Together, these steps make it less likely that another scandal will occur.

Building Relationships

Finally, Mystic Monk Coffee has worked hard to build relationships. With customers again, especially those who were affected by the scandal. They are reaching out through social media, attending events, and offering discounts on coffee purchases as a way of showing gratitude for customers’ understanding and forgiveness of their mistakes. The key here is not just rebuilding but strengthening relationships—which can help establish long-term customer loyalty for years to come.

mystic monks scandal

You’ve probably heard of the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal. But have you thought about what really happened? As it turns out, the whole thing was a bit more complex than you might have imagined.

Who are the Mystic Monks?

The Mystic Monks are a group of Carmelite monks based in Wyoming who operate a coffee roastery. The monks believe that coffee is a gift from God, and it ought to be enjoyed as such. To that end, they began selling their coffee online as a way to raise money. So they could expand their mission of prayer and contemplation.

What Happened?

In 2017, news reports emerged suggesting that the monks had misused funds raised from the sale of coffee and other products. The stories claimed that money intended for religious expansion had been used to buy luxury items, such as expensive cars and jewelry. Although the allegations were eventually debunked in 2019, there has been much debate over what actually happened behind the scenes at Mystic Monk Coffee.


Despite much speculation surrounding the scandal, it’s important to remember that mistakes may occur in any business—even those with strong ethical commitments. At the same time, there is no denying that Mystic Monk Coffee has an admirable mission and has done much to help support the lives of those living in the community with one another.


So, the truth behind the Mystic Monk Coffee scandal is that, while it was a financial mismanagement issue, the core. Of the matter was that the monastery was not prepared for the sudden growth and success of their business. It is a cautionary tale, a warning to business owners to not let growth outpace planning. It serves as a reminder to always stay focused on the big picture and to be aware of the risks associated with expanding a business too quickly.

The Mystic Monk Coffee story is a reminder to entrepreneurs everywhere that the very success that you strive for can quickly be taken away when mistakes are made But, it is also a reminder that businesses can thrive again after a misstep and that mistakes don’t have to define you. With the right planning and focus, success is achievable, even after a setback.

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