my navy portal quick links

The Top 5 my navy portal quick links You Needon Your Navy Portal Dashboard

my navy portal quick links

Discovering essential quick links on your My Navy Portal Dashboard can be an arduous task, especially when you need to find information quickly. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the top 5 My Navy Portal quick links, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed in your naval career. Find everything from training resources to personnel management and much more.

1. Training and Professional Development

a. Navy E-Learning

One of the most crucial aspects of a successful naval career is ongoing training and professional development. The Navy E-Learning quick link should be on every sailor’s dashboard, providing access to a vast array of educational resources. With over 27,100 monthly users, this platform offers valuable training opportunities across various naval disciplines. Find the Navy E-Learning link here.

b. Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) Training

As a sailor, it is essential to be well-versed in anti-terrorism and force protection measures. The ATFP Training quick link grants you access to vital information and resources to help you protect yourself, your shipmates, and your country. With 90 monthly users, this training resource is critical for all sailors. Access ATFP Training here.

c. Cyber Awareness Challenge

In an increasingly digital world, cyber threats pose significant risks to national security. As a sailor, staying informed about cybersecurity best practices is essential. The Cyber Awareness Challenge quick link, with 5,800 monthly users, provides vital training on how to identify and mitigate potential cyber threats. Find the Cyber Awareness Challenge link here.

2. Personnel Management

a. Career Management System – Interactive Detailing (CMSID)

Managing your naval career is an essential aspect of staying on track with your professional goals. The CMSID quick link, used by 27,100 monthly users, offers a user-friendly platform for managing assignments, detailing preferences, and billet selection. Access the CMSID link here.

b. Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS)

The NSIPS quick link is an indispensable resource for managing your personnel records, pay information, and other essential administrative tasks. With 27,100 monthly users, NSIPS ensures you have access to up-to-date information on your career and benefits. Find the NSIPS link here.

c. Navy Personnel Command (NPC)

For more comprehensive personnel management resources, the NPC quick link offers a wealth of information, services, and tools to help you navigate your naval career. With topics ranging from promotion boards to retirement, NPC is a must-have quick link on your dashboard. Access the NPC link here.

3. Financial and Administrative Resources

a. MyPay

Managing your finances is an essential aspect of your well-being as a sailor. The MyPay quick link, used by 368,000 monthly users, offers secure access to your pay and benefits information, including pay statements, tax documents, and more. Find the MyPay link here.

b. Electronic Leave (E-Leave)

Planning and managing your leave is crucial to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The E-Leave quick link, accessed by 480 monthly users, allows you to request and track your leave electronically, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Access the E-Leave link here.

c. Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS)

The TWMS quick link provides a comprehensive platform for managing your administrative and training requirements as a sailor. With 8,100 monthly users, TWMS streamlines processes such as training certifications, performance evaluations, and more. Find the TWMS link here.

4. Health and Fitness

a. Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Standards

Maintaining peak physical fitness is crucial for your success as a sailor. The PRT Standards quick link, accessed by 4,400 monthly users, provides up-to-date information on the standards, scoring, and requirements for the Navy’s physical readiness tests. Find the PRT Standards link here.

b. Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ)

Before participating in any physical training, it’s essential to assess your level of risk. The PARFQ quick link, with 1,600 monthly users, offers a valuable tool for determining your readiness to engage in physical activity. Access the PARFQ link here.

5. Communication and Collaboration

a. NMCI Webmail & Help Desk

Staying connected with your colleagues and superiors is essential for effective communication and collaboration in the Navy. The NMCI Webmail & Help Desk quick link, accessed by 8,100 monthly users, provides a secure platform for email communication and support services. Find the NMCI Webmail & Help Desk link here.

b. NAVADMIN – Navy Administrative Messages

Keeping up-to-date with important administrative messages is vital for staying informed about changes in policies, procedures, and more. The NAVADMIN quick link, accessed by 22,000 monthly users, offers a centralized location for important Navy-wide messages. Access the NAVADMIN link here.

In conclusion, having the top 5 My Navy Portal quick links on your dashboard will ensure you have the resources and tools necessary for a successful naval career. From training and professional development to personnel management, financial resources, and communication tools, these essential quick links my Navy portal will help you navigate the complexities of the Navy with ease. Remember to bookmark these links for quick and easy access, ensuring you stay informed and prepared for your journey as a sailor.


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