Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus  – why is it so popular?

Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky has a pretty reliable antivirus scanner. It also offers robust web protection. At test levels the antivirus software spotted almost all the malware samples. It even identified the overwhelming majority of the risky sites that were attempted to visit. It also offers loads of other features. For exampole it has one of the best parental controls feature. Another helpful feature is the Rescue Disk. When a computer cannot boot because of the presence of malware then you can use the Rescue Disk feature to restore the machine to its original state. The antivirus suite offers a virtual keyboard. You can make online payments securely. There is an inbuilt VPN or virtual private network that is included in the package. It also provides users with a secure browser.

However the antivirus suite has its flip sides too. For example the password manager feature is pretty basic. It does not have crucial elements like 2-factor authentication of 2FA. There is no dark web monitoring either. But almost every top password manager invariably has both these factors. Kaspersky has a pretty descent tools for system cleanup. But when comparison matters system cleanup tools that TotalAV offers are far more superior. Even the Backup and Restore feature is nothing more than a free Dropbox account. It is relevant mentioning that Dropbox offers 2 GB storage space to every user. In other words it is perfect to say that you are getting nothing extra in this feature.     

If you are looking for overall effective security suites to keep you safe in the present times then go either for Kaspersky Plus and Premium. Both the plans include top-grade antivirus scanner. There are also other useful features. Most importantly both the subscription plans come at a reasonable price. It is a fact that Kaspersky happens to be one of the most transparent antivirus publishers in the world. You may remember that in 2017 it was suddenly accused that Kaspersky was involved in stealing US data on behalf of the Russian authorities. Since then the antivirus brand relocated its data processing centre in Switzerland. Moreover it set up Transparency Centres all over the planet. Eventually it cleared the SOC 2 audit. 

The antivirus suite that Kaspersky offers comes in three plans. The plans can cover a minimum of 3 of your devices and that number can go up to 20. There are attractive discounts on the first year. There is also a 30 days money-back guarantee with each of the three subscription plans.

Let us take a quick look at few crucial features of Kaspersky antivirus suite in the table below.

Kaspersky antivirus
Overall rank: 7 out of 71 antivirus software suites
Free planYes
Base plan costsAround £33 a year
Money-back guarantee30 days
Operating system versions Windows, iOS, macOS, Android

Kaspersky: More in-depth review

  • Kaspersky has an efficient antivirus scanner. Moreover the security software has loads of helpful features to protect you from the latest patterns of cyber crime and online scams. “Above the average” anti phishing feature that it offers protects you from logging into risky websites. Thanks to its parental control your children are safe online. Even the VPN that comes with it is effective enough to keep your browsing activities hidden from the world. 
  • The user interface of the antivirus brand is straight forward as well as intuitive. Navigation is quite simple. In fact this makes the product ideal for people who are less tech-savvy. Moreover tutorials and comprehensive support are easily available. 
  • Kaspersky protection comes at a competitive price. Combination of the features and the price ensures true value for your hard-earned money. Each plan has a 30 days money-back guarantee.

The security features

  • About the antivirus engine

Kaspersky has a malware scanner which makes use of a virus database. Moreover it also relies on cloud based machine learning to detect even the latest varieties of malware. The moment the scan identifies anything new and potentially malicious it uploads that file to the cloud based scanner. There the object is further analysed. Then the cloud based scanner makes use of machine learning to make sure whether the suspicious item is malware explains a cyber security expert associated with Softwareland

  • Supports 6 types of virus scan

Kaspersky offers six distinct types of virus scan to keep your system clean and running. The scans are as following –

  • Quick scan – It scans the files that are required during system start up. Moreover it scans the boot sector and the system memory files.
  • Background scan – It scans system partitions, start-up objects and memory files. This scanning occurs when your system is inactive.
  • Full scan – This is little time-consuming as it scans every folder, file and partitioned sectors of your system.
  • Instant or selective scan – You can scan any drive, folder or file using this feature.
  • Scanning removable drives – You can scan removable drives like portable hard drives, USB sticks and others.
  • Application vulnerability scan – This one scans to identify vulnerabilities in your system. The scanning mostly covers outdated applications and the software applications that are exposed to malware.

Kaspersky in the UK is uniquely popular antivirus software. Other than offering different types of scan it also offers a number of scan-scheduling options to make your life easier. 


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