Exeter auto finance

Is Exeter auto finance gives the best customer service

Exeter auto finance

Whether you are looking for Exeter auto finance to help you purchase a new car or to refinance your current vehicle, there are a number of factors to consider. Here is a quick look at some.


Exeter auto finance Despite the name, Paysafecash is not a credit card, but rather a prepaid voucher. You can purchase these using a barcode that can be scanned at 190,000 payment points. You can also pay for items online using Paysafecash, without using a credit card.

In a nutshell, Paysafecash is a payment solution for underbanked consumers. Car dealerships tend to make a lot of money on finance and insurance products.

Paysafe’s partnership with Exeter Finance will not only allow customers to make payments using Paysafecash, but it will also allow for a new eCash solution. Paysafecash is a small business aimed at helping consumers pay their bills without the use of a credit card.

Although Paysafecash is not new to the auto finance industry, it’s only recently been offered as a service. Previously, auto loan companies required borrowers to visit a branch in order to make a payment. With Paysafecash, customers can make their payments online and on the go.

Interest rate formula

Unlike most auto finance companies, Exeter auto finance does not reveal the exact terms of its loans. Instead, it reveals an interest rate formula. The formula is easy to understand. It involves a monthly payment that goes toward the principal, along with a small interest charge.

The loan may also come with a small origination fee. Exeter also does not disclose the minimum annual income requirements needed to qualify. It does not offer an online application. Instead, prospective borrowers must apply through an affiliated dealership. It is also worth noting that some dealerships will require you to fill out some paperwork to secure the loan.

Among the many lenders in the subprime auto finance space, Exeter is by far the largest. It offers loans in nearly every state in the union. The company also has a well-earned reputation for predatory lending practices. This has led to lawsuits in two forms. In June 2020, the Better Business Bureau revoked its accreditation of Exeter auto finance.

Exeter auto finance
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Refinancing Exeter auto finance

Whether you are looking to refinance your car loan or looking to buy a new vehicle, you have many options. One of these options is Exeter Finance. It offers a variety of financing options, including auto loans and financial planning services. It also offers a free financial counseling program.

Exeter auto finance is a subprime auto lender that works with dealerships. Their car loans are available through franchised dealerships in 49 states. The company offers loans to borrowers with bad credit but may require a cosigner.

The company reports to all three credit bureaus each month. It also offers financial planning services, fraud protection, and financial literacy. Customers can also enroll in the company’s MyAccount online account for 24/7 customer service.

The company’s APR varies depending on your credit score and down payment. It may charge a loan origination fee or a late fee.

Exeter auto finance Prepayment penalties and late fees

Getting an Exeter auto finance loan is a good option for subprime borrowers, but there are a number of things you should be aware of before applying. Specifically, you should understand prepayment penalties and late fees.

Exeter Finance works with dealerships to provide subprime car loans to borrowers with poor credit. These loans are available through participating dealerships in 49 states. There are no specific terms listed online, but the loan’s APR can vary depending on credit history.

While Exeter auto finance works with all credit types, borrowers with less-than-perfect credit may have to pay a higher interest rate than borrowers with better credit. Borrowers can add a cosigner to qualify for lower interest rates.

Exeter Finance offers new and used car loans to borrowers through participating dealerships. Borrowers should bring their most recent pay stubs, bank statements, and government-issued photo ID to the dealership.


Founded in 2006, Exeter auto finance is an indirect auto financing company located in Irving, Texas. It securitizes retail installment contracts to auto dealers. The company also provides other services, such as financing for used vehicles and financing for new vehicles.

In the last year, Exeter has expanded its loan portfolio by 10 percent. It is currently the third largest issuer of subprime retail auto loans ABS. In 2017, the company issued $1.4bn in securities. a related move, Exeter has also announced plans to expand its underwriting capabilities to near-prime credit.

In a recent announcement, Exeter auto finance introduced a new originations platform that makes automated decisions in less than 15 seconds. The platform also features a complimentary online financial education tool.

The company has also invested in a number of strategies to improve its customer experience. In fact, they were ranked number one in the Employee Net Promoter Score (EngNPS) by Comparably.



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