June 10, 2023
Integrity Business Solutions

Integrity Business Solutions is a woman-owned small business in Lanham, Maryland that offers an extensive range of services for government and institutional customers. Its services include information technology, cyber security, language services, and intelligence analysis. It also offers training and strategic planning services. The company was founded in 2000 and focuses on being a true partner for clients.

Dion Dion is the founder of Integrity First Business Solutions

Dion Dawson, the founder of Integrity First Business Solutions, has experience in sales and the insurance industry. He also has a background in project management. In Chicago, he worked for Habitat for Humanity, and he also owns a construction business, New Life Construction, LLC. His business is committed to raising the bar and delivering customized business solutions for small businesses.

After studying political science at McGill University, Dion became a professor and became involved in public administration and Canadian federalism. In 1996, Prime Minister Chretien appointed Dion to the Cabinet as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. He was also responsible for the Reference Re Secession of Quebec, and he authored the Clarity Act, which set guidelines for future referendums. Dion returned to politics in 2003 when Paul Martin was elected prime minister.

The company is a woman-owned small business

Integrity Business Solutions is a woman-led small business that specializes in providing support and solutions for clients in the government, security, and intelligence community. It offers quality service and technical expertise to clients, and its mission is to be a true partner for their success.

The company is committed to creating a culture of excellence and honesty, and it provides opportunities for career growth. Employees enjoy competitive salaries and benefits, including 25 days of paid time off, and dental, vision, and health insurance. They also receive a 401(k) retirement plan and performance-based pay increases.

Integrity Business Solutions

It offers competitive salaries and benefits Integrity Business Solutions

Integrity Business Solutions, headquartered in Lanham, Maryland, provides information technology, cyber security, and language services for intelligence operations to its clients. It also offers competitive salaries and benefits, such as 25 days of paid time off, health insurance, vision insurance, and 401(k) retirement plans. Employees can also take advantage of performance-based pay increases and flexible schedules.

The Sr. Solution Integrity Analyst – Controlling/CO-PA position governs software applications within the organization and implements them in alignment with the organization’s architecture. This position works on global design teams and oversees large-scale deployment programs and complex enhancement projects. In addition, they are responsible for overseeing sustainable activities.

It serves government and institutional customers

Integrity Business Solutions, located in Lanham, Maryland, offers a variety of IT and cyber security support services. The firm also provides intelligence analysis and language services, strategic planning, and training. As a woman-owned small business, the company values collaboration and a commitment to service.

Integrity Business Solutions has won the Stafford’s Service Excellence Award. This award is given to companies that have gone above and beyond in their work. It is the recognition of a company’s ability to provide superior customer service to government and institutional customers. During this year’s Service Excellence Awards, the firm was recognized by Stafford Smith, owner of Stafford’s Hospitality.

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