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Cracker Barrel Menu

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a beloved establishment for many, and it’s no wonder why. With a homestyle menu that offers comfort food classics and a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of the good ol’ days, this restaurant has been delighting customers for over 50 years. If you’ve never visited a Cracker Barrel near me, you’re in for a treat. This article will guide you through their vast menu, helping you find the perfect meal for your taste buds. So, sit back and relax on the Cracker Barrel front porch as we take you on a culinary journey through the cracker barrel menu with prices and top dishes.

1. Breakfast Delights: Start Your Day Right, Cracker Barrel Menu

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store knows how to make it special. With all-day breakfast options, you can enjoy your morning favorites whenever you want.

Old Timer’s Breakfast

The Old Timer’s Breakfast is a classic choice for those who want a taste of authentic homestyle cooking. This meal features two farm-fresh eggs, grits, and your choice of delicious Fried Apples or Hashbrown Casserole. You also get to pick from Turkey Sausage, Thick-Sliced Bacon, or Smoked Sausage, and it’s all topped off with warm Buttermilk Biscuits, Sawmill Gravy, and the finest Dickinson preserves and jam.

Mama’s Pancake Breakfast

Craving something sweet? The Mama’s Pancake Breakfast offers three fluffy buttermilk pancakes, two farm-fresh eggs, and your choice of Thick-Sliced Bacon or Smoked Sausage. Don’t forget the 100% Pure Natural Syrup to make this breakfast truly indulgent.

2. Southern Fried Chicken: A True Southern Staple

No visit to a Cracker Barrel Menu is complete without trying their Southern Fried Chicken. Made with a special recipe seasoning and cooked to golden perfection, this crispy and savory dish is served with honey for drizzling. Pair it with some creamy mac n’ cheese or another countryside, and you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of the South.

3. Chicken Fried Chicken: Double the Deliciousness

Another fan-favorite is Chicken Fried Chicken. This scrumptious dish features a generous portion of juicy Homestyle Chicken breast topped with savory Sawmill Gravy. It’s perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, especially when accompanied by a glass of Sweet Tea or your favorite alcoholic beverage.

4. Roast Beef: Fork-Tender and Juicy

Cracker Barrel’s Roast Beef is a must-try for meat lovers. This thick-cut USDA Choice chuck roast is slow-roasted for up to 14 hours, ensuring it’s fork-tender and perfectly juicy. Don’t forget to pair it with some mashed potatoes and gravy for a truly satisfying meal.

5. Country Fried Steak: Southern Hospitality on a Plate

For an authentic taste of Southern hospitality, try the Country Fried Steak. This USDA choice steak is pan-fried and topped with Sawmill Gravy seasoned with pork flavors, salt, and black pepper. Pair it with creamy mashed potatoes and hot buttered corn for a meal that will keep you coming back for more.

6. Grilled Chicken Tenders: A Lighter Option

If you’re looking for a lighter meal, the Grilled Chicken Tenders are an excellent choice. These marinated tenders are cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. Pair them with some broccoli, fresh fruit, or other healthy sides for a delicious meal under 400 calories.

7. Meatloaf: A Homestyle Favorite

Cracker Barrel’s Meatloaf is a popular dish that’s sure to please. Made with a special recipe using tomatoes, onions, and green peppers, this hearty meal is perfect for lunch or dinner. We recommend pairing it with a side of creamy macaroni n’ cheese and a country vegetable of your choice.

8. Chicken n’ Dumplins: The Definition of Comfort Food

With over 11 million orders sold each year, the Chicken n’ Dumplins are a must-try. This dish features tender white meat chicken and strips of dough simmered in a rich, creamy chicken broth. Add some steamed carrots, green beans, and Biscuits or Cornbread for a true comfort food experience.

9. Country Vegetable Plate: A Light and Satisfying Option

Not in the mood for a heavy meal? The Country Vegetable Plate allows you to sample some of the most popular Cracker Barrel sides. Choose from options like Fried Apples, Hashbrown Casserole, fresh corn, green beans, steamed carrots, seasonal fruit, or tangy Cole Slaw. Add some handmade Biscuits or Cornbread, and you won’t leave hungry.

10. Exploring More Options: Browse the Full Menu

The dishes mentioned above are just a small sampling of the delicious offerings at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. To explore their full menu, visit their website and find even more homestyle options. They take great pride in ensuring their food is of the highest quality, with most ingredients sourced right here in the USA.

Find a Cracker Barrel Menu Near You

Now that you have a taste of what Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has to offer, it’s time to find a location near you. Visit their locations page to find the closest Cracker Barrel, and get ready to enjoy a delicious meal on their iconic front porch. Cracker Barrel locations are known for their welcoming atmosphere and friendly service, ensuring you’ll have a wonderful dining experience.

What’s your favorite Cracker Barrel Menu meal? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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