business casual outfits

Tips For Choosing Business Casual Outfits

business casual outfits

Business casual outfits can be found in all kinds of fabrics. Some examples are pea coats, knee-length skirts, and even Chelsea boots. These pieces are suitable for a casual work setting and look great with various tops and colors. Here are some tips for choosing your business casual outfits.

Patternless coats

You can wear a patternless coat as part of a business casual outfit. These coats are very comfortable to wear and work well with jeans or pants. To complete the look, choose a pair of flats. Some of the most common types of flats are driving mocs, flat loafers, and pointed-toe ballerina style.

The trench coat is one of the most traditional styles of outerwear that fits well with a business casual outfit. Longer trench coats have a classic style, while shorter trench coats are more modern. You can also opt for a pea coat, which is ideal for chilly commutes to and from the office. It’s more informal than a longer overcoat but features a double-breasted closure and a smart navy color.

business casual outfits

Knee-length skirts

Knee-length skirts make for versatile workwear options. They can be worn alone or paired with trousers and blouses. Some popular styles include pencil, A-line, pleated, in-the-domain, and herringbone patterns. Just make sure you choose a skirt that doesn’t show too much skin while sitting. You can find several styles at Ann Taylor.

A knee-length skirt can work with a variety of footwear. It pairs well with sneakers, flats, wedge sandals, and ankle boots. Choose a skirt made from a thick material if you plan on wearing it during winter.

Pea coats business casual outfits

Pea coats are the perfect outerwear to wear on chilly days and with business casual outfits. The long pea coat has a classic double-breasted design and a wide collar. However, the shape and fit of a pea coat make it less appropriate for overcoats or heavier layers.

A pea coat can be made of lighter fabrics or a more luxurious material. Some even come with additional details. You can also have them made to measure. Make sure to select a coat that is light enough to be worn over a t-shirt, or sweater. Be sure to select all your outerwear and accessories carefully so that you can add the right accent to the entire outfit.

Business casual outfits Harrington jacket

A Harrington jacket is a versatile piece of business wear that features built-in comfort and mobility. Its raglan sleeves allow easy movement and warmth while maintaining a casual, laid-back appearance. The versatile jacket is ideal for various occasions and a great addition to any man’s wardrobe.

The style was first worn by Elvis Presley in 1958’s “King Creole” and was subsequently copied by many celebrities. Other notable people who have worn Harrington jackets include Frank Sinatra, Steve McQueen, and James Dean. The versatile jacket is timeless and can be worn as a business casual or smart outfit.

business casual outfits

Patternless blazers

Business casual outfits call for blazers, and you can make any outfit look professional with a classic black or navy blazer. A jacket will also keep you warm during cold weather. If you want a more creative look, consider trying a herringbone pattern blazer.

A business casual outfit requires a blazer, and you should choose dark colors and high-quality buttons. A single-breasted blazer is preferable to a double-breasted one. Another important piece in your business casual wardrobe is a sports coat. Avoid bold colors and patterns. Choose a subdued pattern and avoid the sleeveless style.


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