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Amazon com Services, Inc., located at 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210, United States, is a subsidiary of the world’s leading e-commerce company,, Inc. This article provides a detailed analysis of Services, Inc., including its role within the Amazon ecosystem, global presence, and various business divisions.

Role Within the Amazon Ecosystem Services, Inc. plays a pivotal role within the Amazon ecosystem, acting as a critical warranty and customer support provider across various Amazon products and services. The company’s expertise is leveraged across various regional Amazon websites and authorized resellers to ensure consistently high customer satisfaction.

1.1 Warranty Provider Services, Inc. provides warranty services for products purchased from and authorized resellers in various countries, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

1.2 Customer Support Services

As a critical component of Amazon’s commitment to customer satisfaction, Services, Inc. offers complete customer support services, assisting customers with any issues or inquiries related to their Amazon purchases or services.

Global Presence

With a network spanning across the globe, Services, Inc. collaborates with several regional Amazon entities and authorized resellers to provide warranty and customer support services.

2.1 Regional Amazon Entities

While Services, Inc. primarily addresses the needs of customers in the United States, it also works with various regional Amazon entities, such as:

  • Amazon EU S.à.r.l. (Europe and the United Kingdom)
  •, Inc. (Canada)
  • Amazon Wholesale (India) Private Limited (India)
  • Amazon Japan G.K. (Japan)
  • Amazon China (People’s Republic of China)
  • Amazon Serviços de Varejo do Brasil Ltda. (Brazil)
  • Servicios Comerciales Amazon México S. de R.L. de C.V (Mexico)
  • Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • Q Tech General Trading LLC (United Arab Emirates)
  • Free Zone LLC (United Arab Emirates)
  • Afaq Q-Tech General Trading LLC (Saudi Arabia)

2.2 Authorized Resellers

In addition to working with regional Amazon entities, Amazon Services, Inc. also collaborates with authorized resellers in various countries to ensure the delivery of warranty and support services for Amazon products and services.

Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies Services, Inc. is part of a more extensive network of subsidiaries and affiliated companies under the, Inc. umbrella. Some of these include:

  • eero inc (United States of America)
  • Zoox Inc (United States of America)
  • Int’l Sales, Inc. (United States of America)
  • Amazon Web Services Inc (United States of America)
  • Immedia Semiconductor, Inc. (United States of America)
  1. Industry Involvement

As a critical player in the e-commerce and technology sectors, Services, Inc. is involved. In various industries, including retail sales via television, catalog, and mail-order.

4.1 Retail Sales

The company’s main line of business includes the retail sale of products through various channels, such as television, catalog, and mail-order. This involvement enables Amazon Services, Inc. to cater to diverse customer preferences and ensure a seamless shopping experience.

4.2 Technology and Innovation Services, Inc. is also active in the technology and innovation sectors, supporting the development of new products, services, and solutions that enhance the overall customer experience.

Company Headquarters and Key Office Locations

The headquarters of Amazon Services, Inc. is located at 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, 98109, United States. The company also has various key office locations and subsidiaries across the globe, as mentioned in section 2.

Contact Information

Customers can reach Services, Inc. by phone at 1-206-266-1000. Additionally, Amazon’s official website,, offers multiple channels for customers to access support and information related to their purchases and services.

Media and Communications Services, Inc. maintains a strong media presence through its parent company, Amazon, Inc., which regularly shares news, updates, and insights about its products, services, and initiatives.

Commitment to Sustainability and Equality Services, Inc. promotes sustainable practices and fosters an inclusive work environment. As part of the larger Amazon ecosystem, the company supports various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and promote diversity and inclusion.

Financial Information and Business Data

As a subsidiary of, Inc., the financial information and business data of Amazon Services, Inc. are closely linked to the overall performance of its parent company., Inc. is a publicly-traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol “AMZN.”

Future Growth and Expansion Services, Inc., as a critical player in the Amazon ecosystem, is poised for continued growth and expansion in line with Amazon’s global ambitions. As the e-commerce and technology industries evolve, Amazon Services, Inc. is expected to play a critical role in supporting the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

In conclusion, Service, Inc., located at 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210, United States, plays a vital role in the global Amazon ecosystem. With its focus on warranty and customer support services, the company ensures high levels of customer satisfaction across a range of Amazon products and services. As a subsidiary of, Inc., Service is well-positioned for future growth and expansion in the rapidly evolving e-commerce and technology sectors.

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